7th December 1950

During those days the thought that I had to speak about what had taken place between me and my dear Heavenly Mother troubled me a little. I did not know how to begin the talk.

On 7th December, whilst I was praying the blessed Virgin Mary, begging her to come to my aid, she spoke to me with great tenderness:

My little one, speak to the priest, report to him everything that I have communicated to you.

It will be for the glory of God, of my Immaculate Heart and for the salvation of souls.

Don't fear, you will see that he will understand you: it will be the spirit of God to speak through you.

Speak with the simplicity of the little ones. Only in this way can you be able to carry out the mission that I have entrusted to you”.

“Yes, Mother, but help me. You know I am a poor nothing, a poor idiot. Come, I beg you, to my aid so that I am not the one to ruin your work”.

“Be at peace, do not be afraid, I am with you” .

So I went to my confessor and, by several talks, reported to him everything that I had seen and heard from the sweet dear Heavenly Mother.

My former confessions had always been brief, now I stayed a longer time to reply to the questions that the priest asked me about this matter.

Meanwhile time went by. When my confessor was acquainted with everything that had been entrusted to me by the blessed Virgin Mary, he said to me:

“I assure you, in the name of God, that all this is not an illusion, nor the work of the devil, but it is instead a sign of predilection for you, little soul, on the part of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, besides of her maternal tenderness for all her children. It is her wish that the consecration made to her Heart by the Church, according to the will of the Lord Jesus be put into practice.

Then he said to me:

“Pray a lot, I want to ask for a sign, not because I do not believe it is her work, but in order to be more ready to do all that she wishes of me, her unworthy minister”



May 1951

One day my confessor told me:

“I have received the sign that I asked for”.

So he ordered me to write down everything that I had told him, so as to bring about what was needed.

I had to write at night because, during the day, I was always occupied with much work.

I wrote on two note books, one for my confessor and one for me.


September 1951

On the day of Mary's birthday, I gave my confessor the notebook that contained the information of what had taken place between me and the Queen of Heaven.

He said:

“Now I will get down to work and carry out everything”.

The next time, however, another priest from his community came to hear confessions. From then on I did not see him or hear from him again. Later I found that he had spoken to the Delegate of the Nuns, who, in his turn, had spoken to my Mother Superior.

The consequences were indescribable. According to the Mother Superior I was a poor deceived creature and what had taken place was devil's work.

The Delegate then spoke to the whole community, he ordered me the silence and not to discuss about these things any more. He then assigned a new confessor to our community, a diocesan priest, in the place of a friar.

The note book, that I had kept for myself, disappeared.



April 1952

To the new confessor, appointed because of me, I confessed, in a few minutes, my faults and nothing else. For the first few times everything went well, then he began to question me and ask if I had anything to tell him.

I replied no: the absolution for my sins was sufficient, because that was the purpose of confession.

After a short time he began to torment me, keeping on asking:. “Speak, maybe you are right”.

But I could not speak because I had been forbidden to do so by the Delegate of the Nuns.