“I need you!”

May 1950

If I am not mistaken it was May 15th or rather between 15th and 16th , as it was close to midnight . I was in the chapel for nocturnal adoration. I was praying, more with my heart than with my lips, for all mankind.

Facing the tabernacle, I asked Jesus for forgiveness, pity and mercy for all my beloved sinful brethren on the earth.

I was begging the blessed Virgin Mary, refuge of sinners, to intercede with her son Jesus so that no one should be lost but the paradise would be given to all when, to my great surprise, on the right side of the altar I saw a bright light appear.

I remained confused at the sight of such a splendour that dazzled the eyes! I believed I was dreaming. Whilst I was still looking, a great joy flooded my soul.

I saw a most beautiful lady, of an indescribable beauty, coming down from above.

She was dressed entirely in white, covered with a veil, also white, entirely gold embroidered, wich came down to her feet. On her hips she wore a blue band as a belt.

She held her left hand at the height of the band, or better, a little above it, and in it her heart. Around it, in the form of a circle, was a crown of large thorns, three of which penetrated it. A sword pierced her heart from the left side.

I was seized with fear: I did not believe that this was a real event, regarding as impossible that the Queen of Heaven would deign to appear to me [3], this little nothing, a poor idiot.

Whilst I was thinking about these things, I saw her coming down the altar steps and approaching to the bench where I was on my knees.

Seeing me fearful and uncertain, with a smile she said:

Don't be afraid, my little one, I am your Mother, Queen of heaven and earth. I am coming to ask you a favour: I need you!”

I was astonished. Tremblingly I asked: “ Mother, what could you do with this poor, little nothing?”

“It is precisely for this reason that I chose you, so that everybody would understand that what happens is entirely my work; there is nothing of you in it. Indeed, I can tell you, if I could have found a soul more little than you, I would have preferred her. Can you see these thorns that pierce my heart? These are the sins of so many of my children who do not love me and who offend the Lord.

I am coming to call them to conversion, to penance and to give them a gift from my heart, so that they could understand how much I love them despite their sins. I am waiting to take them to the Heart of Christ and to console Jesus for the numerous sins that many of his creatures commit. His mercy is infinite and He waits with tenderness for everybody to return to his Heart.

He has entrusted the salvation of mankind to my Immaculate Heart. .

I am the refuge of sinners. Come, come everyone to my heart and you will find the peace that you search so much! Tell me, my little one, do you love Jesus?”

“Mother, you know that I love Him, but I would like to love Him more. It is a torment for me this thirst: I would like to love Him as you love Him!”

“And do you care for your Mother? Do you love me?”

“Mother, why do you ask me that? You see me, you know me, you know everything, you know that I love you!”

“Yes I know you love me and that is why I ask you whether you accept to co-operate with me in giving a gift to all my children, beloved of my heart, whom I love and by whom I am loved, but which will also be a call for all those who do not love me. My heart waits for them all to take them to Jesus, to the Father”.

At that moment I saw, as if in a mirror, all my misery, my poverty, my sins, the condition in which I found myself within the community… She looked at me with tenderness and said:

“I know everything, it was me who sustained you. Don't fear, souls cost blood. Don't you want to save them all?

There was a moment of silence, then she continued:

So are you willing to co-operate with your Mother to give this gift to the souls as my heart desires ?”

So, with a knot in my throat, I replied:

Mother, no one will believe me, I shall ruin your work. However, here I am, do whatever you wish with me”.

Thank you, don't be afraid. Love Jesus very much. I shall return to tell you what I want from you. I bless you”.

And she put a hand on my head, saying:

“See you soon”.

Slowly she rose from the ground and disappeared. The light remained for a short while and then it also disappeared. I remained alone. I was unable to believe what I had seen, but I felt a great peace in my heart, a need of prayer, silence, seclusion, disappearing from human sight, uniting with God and the Mother.


3. This expresses her humility since the Virgin appeared to her several times.