The consecration consists of a filial relationship of special belonging to Mary.

Its origins coincide, even if only in embryonic form, with the beginnings of the marian cult in the Church.

The very ancient prayer under your protection (sub tuum presidium) already expresses the trusting self-donation of the faithful to the blessed Virgin Mary. In every age, the faithful enamoured of Mary have expressed this singular consecration of themselves in different ways, modes and forms.

Saint Louis Grignion de Montfort is considered the prince of those who promoted the practice of consecration to Mary based on very serious doctrinal principles.

Besides Montfort, we should recall an innumerable line of other theologians and saints who offered their doctrinal contribution to explain the unique relationship of the faithful who consecrates himself to the blessed Virgin Mary.

Priests are encouraged to promote consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with special commitment and pastoral zeal for the spiritual good of the faithful, inspired by the magisterium of the Church in this matter, and from the actions of the latest popes, who have repeatedly practiced the consecration of both mankind or individual countries.




The medal given by the blessed Virgin Mary to sister Maria Chiara Scarabelli is bound up to the consecration made by the Church to her Immaculate Heart as she herself had asked at Fatima.

The Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary represents a singular event of grace in the 20th century.

On 31st October 1942 , Pope Pius XII consecrated all mankind to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Paul VI repeated the consecration in 1967 at the end of the Vatican Council II and renewed it in 1967.

Pope John Paul II renewed it in communion with all the priests of the Church on 25th March 1984.

This happened, it is good to say it frankly, in reply to the request of Mary in the apparitions at Fatima.

Consecration does not end with a formula. By its very nature, it ties for the whole life. Therefore it is not a practice, but a choice of life.

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary meets God's plan. Therefore no wonder that Our Lady asked for it and wants to bring it to a full accomplishment.